Sculpting the Figure with Vala Ola
presented by the Oklahoma Sculpture Society

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Dates: Friday, June 3 – Sunday, June 5, 2016, 9AM – 4:00PM

 Deposit: $200 required upon registration. Balance on or before June 3rd. Please make your checks payable to the Oklahoma Sculpture Society and note the Vala Ola Sculpture Workshop on it.  

Deadline to Register: May 1, 2016.  Maximum number of students is 15.  

Price: $400 for OSS Members, $435 for non-members

(Fee is 100% refundable if notified on or before May 15, 2016. After that there will be a 50% refund on tuition).

Note: We will be opening it up to out of state participants so please sign up early.  

Registration contact:     Phyllis deQuevedo, pdequevedo@kicker.com 

4108 Cherry Hill Lane, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

405-476-2099 (Cell)  

What is covered with the workshop fee?  Workshop fee covers 3 days of study, model fee and lunch on the first day. Supplies not included. Sculpture stands are available for class participants.  

What is studied in the workshop? Vala Ola will take you through the process of creating a figurative sculpture that is suitable for casting in bronze. The clay figure will be 1/6 life-size (approx. 11” figure). The focus will be on anatomy, curves and planes, bone structure, rib cage, pelvis. We will spend time on the head, eyes, mouth, nose and how to sculpt beautiful hands and feet. Fleshy forms vs. defined muscles, use of shadows, points of interest, composition, leading the eye around, texture and lost edges, drapery and building an armature. Finally we will learn how to add your own personal twist to the pose. The class will also feature tips on working with foundries. We will have a female life model for each day of the workshop.  

What if I’m just a beginner?

Whether beginner or experienced sculptor, you are welcome and will be given individual as well as group instruction.  

Where will the class be held? The Conservatory for Classical Art - 12 Burton Pl, Edmond, OK 73013  

If you are interested in adding a Vala Ola sculpture or necklace to your own art collection
please inquire about the student discount. 

To view Vala Ola's artwork go to: www.valaola.com  

Let's have fun sculpting. I'm looking forward to a good group. 

Vala Ola  




Note: For those flying to the workshop I recommend not to carry on your metal tools, those weapons of art are known to upset the security guards! The tools are safer in the check-in baggage.


 Supplies on page 2 can be purchased from:  

Reynolds Advanced Materials - 480-967-7727 or www.reynoldsam.com 

Sculpture House - 772-210-6124 or www.sculpturehouse.com)  


Vala Ola – Sculpting the Figure - The figure created will be an approx. 11” figure, head to toe - 1/6 life-size.

CLAY - Vala uses Chavant Le Beau Touche, color green, grade of hardness: High Melt (HM). Other oil-based clays will work fine (avoid clays with toxic sulfur). For small figures I recommend the clay to be on the harder side.

bullet8 lbs. of oil based clay or 4-2 lb. cubes. Available from Reynolds Advanced Materials, see page 1.


bullet1 board, approx. 8" x 12" (a white melamine particle board is easy to keep clean).  

ALUMINUM WIRE for the armature - Vala's personal preference is the "Almaloy Armature Wire" (Reynolds Advanced Materials). She doesn’t recommend cheap copper wire or fence wire, as they are a pain to maneuver.

bullet1 roll 1/16 aluminum wire
bullet1 roll or 20 feet of 1/8" aluminum wire
bullet4 feet of soft floral wire approx. 26 gauge (for fingers)


bullet1 small (#2) old artist's paint paintbrush (can be trimmed short too make it stiffer).  Vala's favorite for face detail is Silver Ruby Satin brush Series 2501 Flat, size 2. It's fairly stiff yet doesn't leave scratches.
bullet1 narrow putty knife 2" wide or so.
bullet1 mini-sized long nose is good to have (approx. 5" total length of tool)
bullet1 smaller long nose  (needle nose) pliers/wire cutter (approx. 7" total length of tool)
bullet1 small tack hammer. (optional, I'll have one to borrow)
bullet1 measuring tape (optional, I'll have one to borrow)
bullet1 seamstress measuring tape (optional, I'll have one to borrow)


Wire loops serrated: Various size. The serrated bull nose wire end modeling tools are my favorite (I only recommend loops with a serrated edge, non-serrated wire loops are useless when "raking" bumps out of the surface of the muscles). Available from Sculpture House, see page 1.

Preferred sizes are:

bulletSmall - Single wire end modeling tool, serrated bull nose (6/16" and 9/16" wide, (e.g. tool #404A, $16)
bulletMedium - Double wire end tool, serrated bull nose (7/8" wide loop, such as tool #222, $14
bulletLarge - Double wire end modeling tool, serrated bull nose shape on one end (1 3/8" wide, tool #209, $18
bulletMini steel detailing tool, loop. Those are always non-serrated 5/16" wide, (e.g. tool #610, $10)

A tip for a long lasting wire loop: Buy a stick of epoxy putty and pack it tight around the base of the loop. 

Reynolds Advanced Materials will have similar tools.

bulletWooden modeling tools with straight flat edge. Below is a list of the ones I use a lot:
bulletMedium 1/2" wide and 5/8" wide
bulletSmall 1/4" wide
bulletSmall wood modeling tool, pointed end (1/4" wide, often found to be the other end of the small wood with the small 1/4" straight flat edge).
bulletMiniature flat edge dental tool (my favorite is straight and shaped like a steak knife at the tip)
bulletMiniature flat wood sculpting tool great for the details (width 3/16" or so).


bullet1 flexible rubber palette, kidney shaped
bulletCalipers, proportional calipers that will down-size, 18" long or bigger. (Will have some on-site to borrow).
bullet1 wire for slicing clay
bullet1 terry cloth rag to clean hands
bullet1 small paring knife (3" blade kitchen knife), make sure it's not sharp!
bulletLong screws to fasten wires and clay base to board
bullet1 little piece of yellow sponge for smoothing
bullet1 scour pad (the green heavy duty Scotch Brite works well
bullet1 Goo Gone spray cleaner for smoothing clay
Vala Ola Bio 1 page 2016.pdf

Scholarship Application

Oklahoma Sculpture Society

Workshop Scholarships.

Policy, Procedures and Application Form.

Thanks to the generosity of several individuals, scholarships to help defray the cost of workshops and other educational opportunities are available to Oklahoma Sculpture Society (OSS) members in good standing.  These monies may only be used for scholarships.  Money from general revenue funds may not be used for Scholarships without unanimous approval of the OSS Board of Directors (Board).

·         The scholarships may be used to attend sculpture workshops that are deemed eligible by the Board.  The workshop may cover any sculpture discipline, medium or genre and instruct how to create figurative, modern or abstract three dimensional form.  Two dimensional workshops are not eligible for scholarships.

·         The applicant must be an active member of the OSS for a minimum of 2 years prior to applying for a scholarship.

·         The applicant must show an aptitude for three dimensional art, and meet the criteria for being included in the workshop.

·         Beginners as well as more experienced sculptors may qualify for scholarships.

·         Application forms may be submitted at any time during the year.  There must be adequate time for review by the OSS Board of Directors prior to the start of the workshop.  “Adequate time” is determined by the Board.

o   The completed form is to be mailed to:

§   Glen Thomas, 10804 Major Ave. OKC, OK 73120. 

o   The OSS board of Directors will review them on a first come first served basis and the selection will be at the sole discretion of the Board.

o   The amount of each scholarship will be determined by the Board based on needs of the applicant and available funds. 

o   A member may receive only one scholarship.

·         Internal Revenue Service regulations require by law (code section 53.4945-4[c]) that non-profit organizations retain evidence that scholarship moneys are used for their given purpose. Therefore, as a matter of proper procedure, the Oklahoma Sculpture Society requires.

a. The scholarship check will be issued as payable to the entity (Sponsor/Person) conducting the workshop. 

b. Following the workshop, you must send verifiable documentation showing you attended and completed the workshop to Glen Thomas.

Thank you for applying.

OSS  Scholarship Application Form


Name: _________________________________________________

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City:    __________________________   OK,  Zip Code __________

Phone: ____________________        Email:_____________________________

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What is the name of your website? www.____________________________________________

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Please let the Board know why you wish to attend this workshop.


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